3 reasons to become a homeowner

9 December 2023

  • - Becoming a homeowner provides a more stable and secure situation: it has many advantages for your financial future. Once you've retired, owning your own home means that you'll be living in a fully paid-up property, which will reduce your financial burdens (and you won't have to pay any rent either).
  • - When you buy your principal residence, you build up your assets over the years as you make your monthly mortgage repayments. In the medium to long term, homeowners can look forward to a tax-free capital gain on resale. The money generated could be used to buy a larger property, for example, or to invest in rental property. By becoming a homeowner, you can gradually build up your capital. By using the leverage effect of a mortgage, you can make a larger purchase than you could have saved for yourself.
  • - Owning your principal residence also gives you the freedom to adapt your living space to your own preferences, needs and tastes. Owners are free to carry out any work they wish.

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