Opt for a beautiful decoration to sell your apartment

26 January 2023

In real estate, it’s an often forgotten step, but did you know that the decoration of your apartment would facilitate twice as much the sale of your housing? The buyer must feel comfortable. Today, most buyers are looking for a property in which they can put their things down as soon as they arrive. A few details may seem insignificant at first, but they are essential to trigger a sale. Also, be aware that well-decorated apartments are the least negotiable...

The Ashley&Parker agency has decided to help you sell your apartment better by sharing its tips and decorating trends for the year 2023. So get your brushes!

What is home staging?

It is the relooking of your apartment at a low price. Home staging has become very trendy in the last few years and is becoming more and more popular with sellers. Appeared in the 70's and coming straight from the United States, this new way of doing things consists in enhancing the value of one's apartment to sell it as soon as possible at the best price. The home staging plays a lot on the new tendencies of decoration and to privilege the lost spaces or to modify the arrangements of the pieces of furniture to make the apartment more spacious.

Our advice: you have colored walls or floors? Repaint them or change them with sober and clear materials (white/grey/beige) which will make the apartment brighter. Have you always kept the family knick-knacks? Put them in a box in the basement to free up space. Do you have bulky furniture? Repaint them in white or get rid of them. The future buyer of the apartment must feel at home!

If you don't have any ideas on how to give your apartment a makeover, ask the real estate agent who is handling your apartment, and he or she will call in a professional in the field.

Decorating trends for the fall of 2023

Let's talk about decoration. It's the return of the 80's with a touch of vintage and retro. Ceramic and handmade for the decoration and color. Following the recent events, we put the gray and sad tones in the closet to leave room for the "color therapy". Obviously by small touch, think of colored objects like vases, candles, linens or flowers, that will give a blow of brightness in the not very luminous rooms. As for the materials, opt for comfortable and rounded materials.

Choose a Mediterranean decor to feel like you're on vacation all year round!

The French Riviera is the most popular place in France. Its sun, its colors and the sea... It's not for nothing that most painters were inspired by the French Riviera...

What if we opted for a Mediterranean decoration? Wooden tables, rattan armchairs, wicker baskets to hide your plants or others. Orange, blue, white and nude accessories to have a Mediterranean atmosphere. Rugs with touches of terra cota. Plants on the floor, on the tables or in the library. Arrange several mirrors to reflect the sun's glow. The goal is to feel like you're on vacation when you leave your home. Or to make the future buyer of your apartment travel...

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