The ultimate guide to buying property in Nice as a foreigner

10 April 2024

Nice is a dream destination for many foreigners looking to buy property in France. With its sunny climate, beaches, rich culture and delicious cuisine, Nice offers an exceptional living environment. However, buying a property as a foreigner can seem complex.

  • Do your research

Before you set out to buy a property in Nice, it's essential to carry out thorough research. Familiarise yourself with the areas of the city, the types of property available, property market trends and current regulations. Our Ashley&Parker group of agencies can help you in your search.

  • Define your budget

Be clear about your budget and realistic about the costs involved in buying a property. In addition to the purchase price, take into account notary fees, taxes (property, housing, electricity, internet, building charges, etc.) and any renovation or refurbishment costs.

  • Consult a professional Ashley&Parker

It is advisable to call on a property professional (Ashley&Parker family group - 6 estate agencies in Nice) located in the city to guide you through the buying process. A sales agent from our agencies can help you find properties that match your criteria, negotiate prices and advise you on local regulations.

  • Understanding the rules on buying property in France

The laws on buying property may vary depending on your nationality. Citizens of the European Union generally have the same rights as French citizens to buy property in France. However, for non-EU nationals, certain restrictions may apply. Find out what regulations apply to foreigners before you buy.

  • Sign the preliminary sales agreement

Once one of our agents has helped you find the property of your dreams, you will need to sign a compromis de vente. This preliminary contract commits the buyer and seller to finalise the transaction, which will then be verified by a notary.

  • Finalise the purchase

Once you've signed the compromis de vente, you'll need to obtain a mortgage, if necessary, and then sign the deed of sale before a notaire. You will be accompanied by one of our sales agents. Once all the formalities have been completed and the funds have been transferred, you will officially become the owner of your property in Nice.

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