What are co-ownership charges?

10 December 2023

Co-ownership charges are expenses that the owner of a property must pay to ensure the smooth running of the co-ownership. These charges are divided into 2 categories in the co-ownership regulations:

  • - General charges, which relate to the administration, conservation and maintenance of communal areas (e.g. cleaning of communal areas, cleaning of facades).
  • - Special charges for communal services and facilities (caretaking, maintenance of the communal boiler and lift).

Each co-owner's contribution varies according to the nature of the charges.

To determine the co-ownership charges, each year the co-owners vote on a provisional budget at the general meeting.

It is the co-owner of the co-ownership lot concerned who must pay the co-ownership charges up to the amount of his share of the common areas (the share that each person must pay or receive in the distribution of a sum or property).

There are, however, some special rules:

  • - If the co-ownership lot is rented out: the owner is liable for co-ownership charges up to the amount of his share of the common areas, and certain charges may also be recovered from the tenant.
  • - In the case of joint ownership: each of the joint owners must pay the co-ownership charges according to their rights in the joint ownership.

These charges are paid through provisions.

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