What is the role of a broker when buying a property ?

13 December 2023

The role of a broker when buying a property is to help future buyers define their project by analysing their financial, professional and family situation. They tell customers how much they can borrow and what property finance options are available. They help them to find financing, loan insurance and other financial solutions.

The broker accompanies the customer from start to finish, i.e. until the final sale is signed at the notary's office.

They guide customers towards solutions that suit their borrowing profile. They can also offer financial assistance such as zero-rate loans or other types of subsidised loans.

The broker will put together an optimised financing package and select the bank(s) best suited to the customer's needs. They will use their network of banking partners to negotiate the most advantageous loan for the customer.

Thanks to their expertise, property brokers help customers to obtain the best loan terms as part of a personalised approach (interest rate, administration fees, flexible monthly payments).

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